Pueblo of Acoma, NM, Message from Governor, Kurt Riley

Governor Voted

To All Good Morning,

As I rode in this morning, listening to KUNM; Let’s Talk New Mexico the program was interviewing individuals on voting during this midterm election. Some individuals were going to vote for the first time after realizing that it is a privilege, right and responsibility to vote. One person did not intend to vote because they felt that their voice therefore their vote did not count in local, state and federal elections. Another felt that once in office the politicians are going to do what they are going to do so therefore were not going to vote. Another person was dissatisfied with the persons on the ballot and were not going to vote. Others were tired of all the negative ads and could not trust any of the candidates enough to vote.

There are many more reasons to not vote verses reasons to vote. I took the time the other day to vote for these reasons.

  1. Having served in the military I raised my right hand and swore to support and defend the constitution of the United States. By voting I continue that oath by voting individuals whom I think will do the same when they take their oath.
  2. Many countries do not allow their citizens to vote, Indians were not allowed to vote until 1924. We were voiceless to determine our own fate. Our right to express our opinion through voting is now a right and a privilege that we need to use if we do not vote we are voiceless.
  3. EVERY VOTE counts especially in close races, WE the Native Vote could determine who will represent us in Santa Fe, and in Congress. If we do not vote we let others, the majority who do vote in our district our state to determine our fate. I would rather have input than to remain silent.
  4. IF everyone votes and it is a close race we could help to determine who wins and is seated in these very important positions. Who in turn will make important decisions that will affect the Pueblo or us individuals.
  5. The recognition and defense of Tribal Sovereignty therefore tribal consultation, acknowledgement and support for the court decision of Yazzie vs State of New Mexico, supporting the Pueblo when called upon to take actions in support of pueblo initiatives by these candidates is an important factor that I consider in selecting candidates.

As individuals you also need to consider what is important to you. In the end you need to decide who will keep your best interests in mind when making decisions on your behalf. You have time until Saturday to vote early, if not on Saturday, vote on November 6th.

Let your voices be heard, by voting. I have already voted I’ve let my voice be heard.

Governor Riley