Palm Sunday Palms

Palms for Palm Sunday will be delivered this Thursday.

But if you don’t get one. Thursday afternoon and Friday there will be extras in the bed of the Tribal truck  parked on the north side of the administration building, near the door, come and take a palm. Please take only what you need. Thank you.

Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority Community Questionnaire

This is for ON and OFF reservation tribal members!

PAHA is building a strategic plan, to help guide our communities housing goals for the next few years! This is a great en devour, and will provide a road map to work toward.

The PAHA Community Questionnaire is ready and we need your help! To be sure we capture a representative sample of community feedback, we are asking for your help with 1) taking the PAHA survey yourself; and 2) asking your family, friends and others in your Acoma network to complete the survey also. All questionnaire responses are anonymous.

Link to PAHA Questionnaire:

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